George élan Ad in Half Arsed

George’s double page élan ad in Half Arsed 4.

Switch bs TailSLIDE, yeah caps, cause anyone else would struggle to tailstall one at this spot. Check the footage in George’s Mobbin Deep part, coming soon.

If you haven’t got a copy yet, go grab one for FREE from these élan stockists: Daily Grind City, Daily Grind Marion, 2052, Jimmy’s, Geelong Skateshop, Finn’s, Shifty’s and other select stores.

Mag Cover:

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3 Responses to George élan Ad in Half Arsed

  1. I always look at that ad the shita cause the mags in the dunny…

  2. Elan Skate says:

    Spot is shit too! The little tranny crete was breaking up as he was doing it. So crazy.

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