About élan Skateboards

Established in 2002 by Andy Walker.


100% Skater Owned and Operated. Supporting Australian Skateboarders and Events.

Using only the best products available.

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I (Andy Walker) knew I always wanted to be involved in skateboarding one way or another and also that eventually I wouldn't be able to do it every day, like I was at the time. This lead me to wanting to start something of my own, so I could stay involved when that inevitable slow down happened.

I had ridden for a few different distributors and brands before I started elan and had always liked the way the local brands operated. The local brands felt more like you were a part of something rather than just some flow guy. I could see some room for improvement in the board brand I was riding for at the time (Boom), so I decided to give it a go.

While there has been a lot of those improvements I've been able to make, including some I never expected, like developing REDLINE decks, some have yet to be viable.

 Quality has always been one of my main priorities. I wanted to ride the best and I wanted the brand to be known for it's quality. We have now been using the same manufacturer in Mexico for over 15 years!!! A manufacturer that produces some of the biggest brands in skateboarding and with a reputation of being one of, if not the best board manufacturer in the world. When I developed the REDLINE decks 2013 / 2014 it pushed that quality even further. A lot of different samples were tested to come up with the final product. Trying all different veneer, carbon fibre and fibreglass lay ups till it was right. Multiple samples of each option were made. One or two would be ridden and the other would be immediately broken to test the strength.

More to come soon...

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